About Company

In the course of work our company proved to be a reliable and faithful partner, render the Clients services to an accomplished standard and in a timely manner. Our service center employs experienced certified specialists and we pay special attention to the company staff, constantly contributing into their development and professional growth improvement.

Competencies and experience of the company specialists, business cooperation with the leading manufacturers of the equipment provide the opportunity to offer our clients effective complex solutions.

Values of the Company

«TSG» is guided by the following basic principles in its activity:

Customer Care

Our primary task is to protect the subscriber against problems with IT structure and only attentiveness and focus on results combined with our technical skills will help to achieve the result.


It is unacceptable for us to deceive or stand a leader, colleague or partner up. Compliance with obligations is the cornerstone of our relationship with all stakeholders.

High service culture

Our main difference in the IT services market. Perfectly oriented in the IT space based on the experience of partnerships we offer a high level of quality of service.


Professionalism for us means being more modern, efficient and experienced than competitors; perfect all internal processes; constantly learn something new and acquire new knowledge.


We understand that any work must be brought to its logical conclusion and to obtaining of the result. Each of us is ready to be responsible not only for our work site but also for the company in whole as each of us clearly understands the role in it.

Team spirit

In our work we strive to achieve common goals and share with colleagues responsibility for the common cause. For each of us the team is not only the department, office or country where each of us works but the company in whole.

Competitiveness of your business

We completely undertake the decision of all your IT problems, you have a great opportunity to concentrate on the competitiveness of your business.


We strive not only respond to the rapidly changing environment and changing needs of our customers, but anticipate expectations and provide new quality services.


We are sure in the sincerity and honesty of our employees and partners, in the correctness of their decisions.

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